Personalized Leather Dog Collar
Personalized Leather Dog CollarRoxytimber black star dog collarCustom Fonts

Duke Collar


Classic leather collar personalized with your dog or cat’s name.


Neck Measurement

Please include your dog’s neck measurement. The measurement you give me will be the center hole for your dogs collar.


Please add your dog’s name if you would like it on the collar. Leave blank if you do not want it personalized.


Celtic font needs 1″ wide collar. Standard can be done on 3/4″ wide and up. Other fonts can be done on any width.

Additional Instructions

Use this space to add any special instructions for your order.

Product Description

Personalized leather dog collar. This collar is a classic, your dogs name is done in black with a black edge. There are different fonts to chose from. The photo is showing standard font. ┬áThis collar looks really nice on brown or black dogs. Especially black dogs with brown points… Doberman, Rottweiler, etc….


Who doesn’t love leather? I know I do! All collars and leashes are made of vegetable tanned leather. The leather is quite strong. Collars size S and up have a heavy weight leather (9-10 oz). XS and XXS collars are made of lighter weight leather (5-6 oz), they are for dogs 15 lbs and under. Collars will be
slightly stiff at first and will break in quickly. I look at them like a nice pair of leather boots that get super comfy after a few days.

Custom fit

Each collar is made to order. This allows your dog or cat to get the perfect fit. It also makes sure your pets name is centered on the collar. Please measure your pets neck where you like there collar to fit. This measurement will be the center hole for your collar. You will have 2 holes bigger and 2 smaller.


Collars can be personalized with your pets name. You can also leave the name off if you would rather just the design. Phone numbers can also be added. This is a nice safety feature, just encase…. Phone numbers are done in a smaller font closer to the buckle. That way it’s not super noticeable but you couldn’t miss it if you were looking for tags.



Additional Information


, XXS Cat Necks 12″-under 3/8″ wide (standard), XXS Cat Necks 12″-under 1/2″ wide, XXS Cat Necks 12″-under 3/4″ wide, XXS Necks 10″-under 3/8″ wide (standard), XXS Necks 10″-under 1/2″ wide, XXS Necks 10″-under 3/4″ wide, XS Necks 10-12″ 1/2″ wide, XS Necks 10-12″ 3/4″ wide, XS Necks 10-12″ 1″ wide, S Necks 12-15″ 3/4″ wide, S Necks 12-15″ 1″ wide, M Necks 15-19″ 1″ wide, L Necks 20″-up 1″ wide, XL Necks 15″-up 1 1/2″ wide, XL Necks 15″-up 2″ wide,


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