Laura Croft

Rottins Lady Lara Croft is a 2 year old, female, brown ticked, Highland Lynx. Her family tree and her blood lines are impressive being long registered with, TICA. She hails from a breeder in Alabama, Rottins Highland Lynx Cats.
Not only is Lara striking in appearance, so is her personality! Though we’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old, when her wild cat tendencies come through from time to time, we still are amazed and stop anything we are doing to take the time to appreciate the amazing animal that she is! For example she makes chuffing sounds as a tiger does to get our attention to open a door for her. If you look up and listen to the sounds of lynxes, she makes a noise very similar during the early morning hours while she seeks out her toy box and, “hunts,” her favorite toys! This breed is very intelligent and amazing!
Lara has a lot of favorite things! A few key ones are, to start, she absolutely loves rotisserie chicken and marshmallows! My aunt visited when she was just a tiny kitten and she spoiled her with both marshmallows & the chicken and got her hooked! She’s picky with her toys. She’s spoiled and really has no interest in feline toys you can purchase at stores. She really enjoys homemade, hand crafted toys! Especially if they’re stuffed with cat nip or made with felt or wool! She has a harness & lead and enjoys going for walks exploring on our property!
“A quick true story about our Lara. We were in fog from the passing of our late beloved cat of 15 years when we discovered the cattery where our Lara came from. Nothing can ever replace the ones you lose, ever. You grieve and keep on with your life but there’s a void. It’s a void that has a feeling attached with it that cannot be fulfilled except with the companionship of another furbaby when the time is right.
When the time felt right, we found the one. Just looking at pictures online, we felt the connection with a gorgeous male Highland Lynx kitten. We named him Indiana, as in, Indiana Jones. We had been customers with Mrs. Geralyn before. We were in touch and she sent us a breath taking little kitten collar for him.
Fast forward 6 months later when it was time to have him neutered. We checked him in early one morning with our vet. They told us we had to leave him that they’d keep him over night after the procedure. Not but an hour after we left him, my phone rings. It’s the vet’s office. “Surprise, SHE, has nothing to neuter, but everything to spay!” We felt so horrible. We were shocked! I’ve owned cats my whole life but in this instance, not once had I ever truly, “checked out,” her parts when we picked her up from the breeder. I assume we just trusted, if you will, the breeder and never thought to look! To add to the shock and mess, that morning I had also got in touch with Mrs. Geralyn to start making a new larger collar! I had to contact her right away to apologize and request a new collar! For the sudden sake of having paperwork edited, vets office documents edited, and collars re-done, we had to come up with a new name, for HER! What name could suit such a poor sweet soul who had been called a boy and treated as a boy her whole little life?? It had to be a strong name whatever it be! And so, she became, Lady Lara Croft! 😉 Mrs. Geralyn was so very patient and concerned! To this day I’m still a little embarrassed about the whole situation but it was refreshing that Mrs. Geralyn never judged. She just made a rockstar collar to help make it all better! The collar is her name as the movie poster theme of the 2001 movie, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider!
We love our Lara! She didn’t deserve just any collar, she NEEDED one from Design A Collar! She has worn this collar 24/7 since she got it and it’s still fabulous! These collars hold up so well. Even with her rolling around and dragging it on tile flooring as she plays with her toys, her being outside in the sun and elements during her harness & lead explorations, and her loving water getting in showers with us! Mrs. Geralyn always pours such dedication into these collars. Her hard work is obvious! I will only ever purchase collars from her and I always recommend them! They’re not just collars when our furbabies have such stories of their own that she helps express with these amazing collars!”

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