Jarvia Von Risden Haus is a 2 year old, female, sable, German Shepherd Dog. Her mother is a retired law enforcement K9 officer and her father is a Schutzhund champion. She hails from a breeder in Kentucky, K-9 Motivation & Von Risden Haus German Shepherds.
Jarvia loves and lives for her family, favoring the cat! Our pet cat is her partner in crime and best friend! She is very loyal and protective of our children. She’s incredibly patient and almost seems like a nanny to them instead of a family dog!
A few of Jarvia’s favorite things are like most dogs’, treats to start! She enjoys her Kong brand toys, walks, barking at the post employees (or anything that moves outside really), chewing on ice, & playing hide & seek.
“Jarvia is an extraordinary member of our family and that is why getting her a collar from a pet store just didn’t seem to suit or express the pride and love we have for her. Discovering Mrs. Geralyn’s shop on, Etsy, Design A Collar Custom Leather Collars, was the solution to giving our Jar’ a beautiful, personal, collar! I thoroughly enjoyed the option of being able to custom create a one of a kind collar just for her from top to bottom! Mrs. Geralyn was and is so wonderful to work with. She listens and takes all requests or ideas seriously. It shows in the outcome of her work! Jarvia’s collar is better than I imagined it to be! Is it just a collar? Not when you love your pets as I do and certainly not with the love and devotion Mrs. Geralyn pours into them! She redefines collars as we know it! It’s why I continue to keep purchasing collars from here and it’s the only place I’ll ever purchase from.
This collar certainly has stood the test of time, weathered the elements fabulously, and has kept up with the rugged high energy a German Shepherd Dog dishes out! I’m pretty positive that whenever Jarvia goes out in public wearing her collar, she knows it’s awesome and raises her head a little higher for all to see! ;)”

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